The Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite

Is the government covering up an ancient alien satellite that has been circling the earth for 13,000 to 20,000 years or longer? This is the riddle that is the Black Knight satellite.

The Black Knight SatelliteIn 1998 a NASA image surfaced which many believe to be the Black Knight satellite. Although this image is very controversial due to many believing it is a lost thermal blanket from an EVA mission many are adamant this is the Black Knight.

From 1899 radio experiments by Nikola Tesla detecting extraterrestrial repeating signals to Time magazine reporting in 1960 that the U.S. Navy detected a dark object the Black Knight satellite legend continues to draw the attention of fans and critics alike.

This mini documentary video gives some of the best evidence yet that yes the Black Knight satellite is real. The first accounts of it appear in the late 1800’s and continue to surface in modern times. Makes sense to me, why wouldn’t aliens monitor us like we monitor the oceans with weather buoys?

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