Zombies Takeover in Only 60 Days

Zombies Takeover in Only 60 Days

A recent computer model that was created by Argonne National Laboratory has proven The Walking Dead Zombie virus outbreak is actually completely accurate.

Zombies Takeover in Only 60 DaysWhile the researchers at Argonne usually spend their time building models that simulate outbreaks such as Ebola they decided to model how quickly a Zombie outbreak would take over the city of Chicago.

Remarkably the comic book and hit television show The Walking Dead was spot on. The model demonstrated that it would take a mere 60 days to render the city a frothing sea of walkers and dead.

The only difference in the model vs the show is that it had a 100% infection rate leaving no chance of any ragtag groups forming up for survival. But we do have hope states Argonne researcher Chick Macal whose model suggests a two-pronged intervention strategy using a combination of defensive action and improved offensive tactics.

That’s right kids, time to hone your survival tactics for the zombie apocalypse…

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